Everything is an Offer

CreativeMornings Portland. Wow, I had no idea. Thank goodness I followed my friend, Jennifer, to the Portland Art Museum two weeks ago to hear Gary Hirsch, creator of Bot Joy and co-founder of On Your Feet. I want to co-create like Gary, Impov Extraordinaire. I’ve been working on “more improv” for years, trying to live less in my head and more in the present. These notes from Gary remind me of critical principles:



With every offer presented, you have a choice. See everything as an offer.
  1. Improv asks, “What else can I add? What else can I do with that?” (What would that look like in your next staff meeting?)
  2. Give audience an open to participate. How can they help co-create with you? What do they see? (How can we ask for more input from our clients, customers, colleagues?)
  3. There’s something lovely about seeing and sharing who we are, letting it all go. Collide your stuff with other’s stuff. (I love that last bit. How can you do that?)
Gary left us with this quote from Keith Johnstone:
“There are those who prefer to say yes, and those who prefer to say no. Those that say yes are rewarded by the adventures they have. Those that say no are rewarded by the safety they attain. There are far more no-sayers than yes sayers.”

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