Radius ECD capitalizes on the strengths of teams.

Break through habits that destroy trust & divide success.

Leaders can identify and articulate their success factors, using them with intention to achieve their goals. They understand what they bring, what they lack, and how to make up the difference.

By taking a holistic approach and earning your trust, Radius ECD identifies the blind spots that hold you back and the bad habits limiting your team’s performance. This is our specialty.

Our clients are engineers, scientists, and small business owners; they are attorneys and physicians, CEOs and executive directors. Our portfolio is heavy with technology, from software startups to semiconductor giants. Healthcare is also our zone of genius, though we’re agnostic in the sectors we serve.

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“Lori is an exceptional coach, wonderful person and provides a balanced perspective on career and life choices. I would highly recommend her.”

–Mukund Srinivasen, VP & GM at Applied Materials