Lori Eberly, Founder of Radius ECD

Lori Eberly, LCSW

Lori Eberly, founder of Radius ECD, is an expert at providing in-depth analysis on the bad habits damaging trust and ruining teams.

A decade as a hospice social worker trained her to quickly establish trusting relationships amid crisis and chaos.

Those skills — emotional intelligence, self-awareness and rabid curiosity — are the foundation of the company and the value it brings to clients.

She brings that skill set to her practice as an executive coach and organizational development consultant. Lori also provides actionable strategies to overcome these habits, reclaim lost productivity, repair disabled communication and root out what threatens success.

The success Lori’s clients have when they apply her methods motivated her to write a book to advance leadership. The book, co-authored with Jonathan Sabol, is called Fuckery.

Lori founded Radius ECD in 2014 after three years as an executive coach in Europe, Asia, and across the US. She has a Masters degree in social work and an obsession to teach leaders about their brains. Her keen insight and Socratic approach connect people to their goals and to each other.

Lori lives in Portland, OR with her family and loves puttering in her yard and hiking the PNW.


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Tracy Gratto, MSW

Tracy brings roots in community organizing and project management to Radius ECD. Whether she’s integrating programs or ideas, Tracy’s ability to facilitate change and deliver results are unparalleled. She has no time for finger pointing or squabbling; ownership and clear accountability flavor her secret sauce.
Global tech companies rely on her for effective communication across matrixed organizations. The Foster Powell neighborhood knows her for long-term advocacy, and she is recognized as a champion of affordable healthcare in Portland and across the state. A master of the Leadership Matrix, Tracy consistently builds teams that maximize people and performance.
Notable honors include an entree named the TG at The Arleta Library Cafe. When she’s not holding your feet to the fire, you’ll find Tracy lounging on the shores of the Columbia River in Stevenson, WA.


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Julie M. Rosenzweig, PhD, LCSW

Dr. Julie has always been intrigued by the power of words — written, spoken, and silenced — that transform lived experiences. Perhaps, this is why she engages with others as coach, therapist, speaker, and writer.

Throughout her professional career, Dr. Julie has guided people to find and transform constraining narratives held within their lives, sitting with them in the unspeakable or yet knowable.

An unabashed neuro-geek, Dr. Julie is frequently heard in workshops passionately sharing knowledge about the brain and translating neuroscience into practical applications. A Professor Emerita at Portland State University, Julie is an experienced educator, researcher, and author of numerous publications, including topics about work-life integration.

On a personal note, Julie admits to having a vivid imagination, which has sometimes gotten her into trouble. She owns lots of books, only partially read. And, when she prefers plants and animals to people, can be found gardening and feeding stray cats.

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Torri Wright, MA

Torri is the bionic woman of behavior; she has developed a multi-sensory capacity to see and understand dimensions of behavior that most of us are blind to, especially in the workplace. Founder and CEO of BEHCA, her 20 year career working with adults and children with learning disabilities has helped her build a capacity to bridge diverse viewpoints and arrive on common ground. She is motivated as a translator of what is not always visible. Her ability to see beyond initial behaviors and decode what is really going on within, provides a unique experience to those benefiting from her support.

Torri takes a unique approach to the corporate world by applying her in-depth coaching skills in behavior analysis, crisis interventions, and behavior management. Her M.A., focused on Special Education and Teaching, is what makes her successful and unique as a consultant. She leverages what she knows about people and their neurodiversity to help clients and teams navigate relationships within the context of the work place.


Holly Landaker, Executive Assistant, Radius ECD

Holly Landaker, Executive Assistant

Born in Florida, raised in Texas, and blossomed in Oregon, Holly is a hustling machine with a fun and adventurous approach to life. While her outdoor passions include biking and trail hiking, Holly’s indoor passions include watching the newest “whodunit” (with the lights on) with her puppers and taking in live music and stand-up comedy with friends. Her daily dose of Jeopardy! keeps her wit quick, so try and keep up!

Holly keeps Radius ECD greased and moving forward (READ: gets Lori organized and the bills paid.) She’s the owner of Sidekik and can put your ducks in a row, too.

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