Leading Through Transitions

“Chaos is not a mess, but rather it is the primal state of pure energy to which the person returns for every true new beginning…”

– William Bridges, PhD

We are in a constant state of flux. It is leaders who provide the vision, direction, and process to mediate uncertainty during rapid periods of growth and change. The idea of “managing” change implies it can be controlled, whereas the very nature of change is fluid.

This workshop, which integrates wisdom from Bridges on leading through transitions and our years of experience guiding clients through beginnings and endings helps you:

  • Understand the threatening nature of change.
  • Create trust and psychological safety to reduce resistance to change.
  • Define critical actions to help move employees from loss to optimism.

This four-hour workshop is ideal for leadership teams planning and implementing major organizational changes. It’s also effective in training managers the critical skill of leading through transitions.

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