When you hire Radius ECD for professional development, we go big.

Think quantum leaps. Jaw-dropping growth.

It may start with you or a key leader on your team. If you’re looking to amplify strengths or advance successors, executive coaching is where it’s at. Buyer beware: We poke around in dark corners so you learn what’s holding you back.

The size of change or scope of impact often requires development at an organizational level. Mergers and acquisitions, rapid growth, and reorganization demand a more systemic approach. We’ll help you build trust through key transitions, improve communication across matrixed organizations, and beef up accountability to deliver the results you need. We want you collaborating with greater ease and maximizing performance. We’ll optimize those team meetings and teach the skills needed to advance scenius.

  • Delivery for organizational development happens throughout three to six months.
  • Scope of work is based on goals articulated at the outset of our engagement and co-created with leadership and key stakeholders.
  • Workshops and skill-building are included.
  • We’ll take the lead or augment your HR pros.


“Lori drives accountability and is a sounding board for me, improving communication and conflict management. Lori has also been instrumental in helping our organization develop and implement a program that provides managers and caregivers with tools to manage stress.”

~ Mauro Hernandez, CEO, Concepts in Community Living