Executive Coaching

You challenge the ordinary.

You’re hungry to accelerate your career, eager to grow your organization.

Whether you’re the CEO, a manager or an aspiring leader, you want to understand where you thrive and why you stall. You want the best for your customers, employees, and the business.

Our clients are engineers, scientists, and small business owners; they are attorneys and physicians, CEOs and executive directors.

We help you:

  • Get out of your own way
  • Clarify your goals and focus
  • Understand the root cause of symptoms that divide success
  • Examine barriers to accountability and collaboration on your team
  • Drive meaningful, lasting change to move you and your company forward

You need solutions.

Not the cookie cutter kind. Not the empty promise variety.

Our approach

Nothing is off-the-shelf and all work is customized for you and the culture of your company. We do not apply the same template, fitting you into our mold.

Executive Coaching is generally provided throughout six months and includes biweekly sessions, as well as a 360-degree interview assessment. Observation and attendance at key meetings and/or reviews is included for candid feedback to improve critical leadership skills. We deliver a leadership development plan that includes clearly defined goals and objectives.

Developing more than one leader? Ask us about Cohort Coaching.

Lori is a great mentor and is committed to helping you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself. I am beyond thrilled with the results that Lori has helped me to achieve in both my professional career and my personal life. I know I would not be where I am at today without her guidance, patience, and support.

~ Jeff Colley, VP Cayuse