Recommendation by The Stranger

“Lori is an exceptional coach, wonderful person and provides a balanced perspective on career and life choices. I would highly recommend her.” –Mukund Srinivasen, VP & GM at Applied Materials

“She has excellent judgment of people and is able to quickly gain the trust of people she works with. She helps people see situations from a different perspective enabling them to change their approach, viewpoint or reactions and ultimately be more successful.” –Jackie Seto, VP and GM Spin Clean Division at Lam Research

“I needed to make a career transition, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. I met with Lori and over the course of several sessions, she helped me clarify my goals and put together a plan for achieving them. She is at once warm, personable, creative, and thoughtful. Notably, even though I tend to be a very linear thinker, Lori helped me expand my thought process and drew my attention to options I had not considered. Now, a year later, my transition is well underway, and I couldn’t be more pleased.” — Banu Ramachandran, JD

“One does not meet Lori so much as get pulled into her orbit. She has a rare combination of subject-matter expertise, warmth of personality, and energy that makes her one of those people who makes good things happen. I admire her thinking as a fellow consultant, I appreciate her dedication to the non-profit work we do together, and I envy her energy level. I’d recommend Lori to anybody who asked.” — Matthew Landkamer, Principal at Coraggio Group

“Her methods are very insightful, appropriately challenging and often unique; I believe her varied background allows her to coach from a perspective that provides revelations into one’s self that generates true change and improvement both professionally and personally.” — Peter Loewenhardt, VP, Regional Technology & Applications at Applied Materials

“Lori  Eberly has an incredible ability to connect and communicate, in the midst of both the calm and chaotic worlds we inevitably transverse.” — Stephanie Brell, LCSW, Hospital & Health Care Professional

“She told me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. She has gone the extra 5 miles to adapt our program and approach to me and to the way I like to receive and process information… I have improved more as a manager in the last year working with her than in the previous 10 years of reading books and taking mandatory corporate classes. My team agrees.”— Juan Chacin, PhD, Director, Semiconductor Product Group at ESI

“Lori has a graceful way of building rapport that fosters trust and comfort within work groups and among service recipients. She’s smart, funny, has an infectious smile, and is one of those people you just really want on your team.” — Melissa Greeney, Safety Net Specialist at Multnomah County Aging & Disability Services