Mission Matrix

Chart 7-1 Mission Matrix

The Mission Matrix introduces the Belonging and Momentum vectors, and the corresponding quadrants of Culture and Value, as a framework for the challenges that arise as organizations pursue their Mission.

The Mission Matrix starts from the Team quadrant. The x-axis, Momentum, capitalizes on the achievement of the Team and is the result of the increasing scale and velocity of the business. The destination, Value, provides direction for Momentum and is clearly understood by both the customer and the business. Belonging, on the y-axis, cultivates broad interconnectivity between people, defining a Culture of high trust. Belonging dramatically reduces organizational fuckery and drag. Mission, in the upper right quadrant, is why the company exists, its raison d’être. The integration of Momentum and Belonging achieves the Mission.

  • Where do you see the organization you work in?
  • How are Belonging and Momentum integrated throughout your company?