plot: cultivate (your) story


Use the metaphor of story to explore the life you’re living. Use the power of story to connect your team to each other, and to your mission.

  • Develop a plot twist to give the protagonist, i.e. YOU, a new direction
  • Write in a scene change
  • Audition a new cast of characters

We’ll provide new perspectives and tools; please bring your curiosity and good humor.


 Lori is playing multiple roles as an executive coach and wannabe author. Jennifer is a story editor and creative consultant.

Both are planning plot changes for 2015.


“I wanted to say A Big Thank-you to everyone who made today happen! I just had the best time—listening, reflecting, connecting and laughing ! What a wonderful way to start the next “Chapter”!!! Thank you both for being so authentic, as well! I am so inspired…” Erin Berk, Licensed Professional Counselor

“That was a truly inspiring and fun morning. Thank you Jennifer and Lori and to all who attended. This is gonna keep me going for quite some time.” Carla Grant, Director/Producer

Jennifer Scanlon & Lori Eberly during Q&A

Jennifer Scanlon & Lori Eberly during Q&A

Thanks to all who joined us for this pioneering event. Here’s to following your through line!

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