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“Taking the stress out of stressful conversations” by Holly Weeks, HBR.

“The neurobiology of grace under pressure.” by Christopher Bergland, Psychology  Today.

“How to be a neuro-leader: Use your brain.” by Fiona Smith, Business Review Weekly

“How the science of swarms can help us fight cancer and predict the future.”  by Ed Yong, Wired

“A Conversation about conversations” by Ray Stata, CEO

“A boss’s challenge: have everyone join the ‘in’ group” by Adam Bryant, The New York Times

“The Price of Incivility” by  Christine Porath

The Huffington Post on being an approachable leader here.

Google’s popular emotional intelligence course: Search Inside Yourself


Favorite Books for Leaders:

Quiet by Susan Cain (for those who don’t rely on being extroverted to lead teams)

Primal Leadership by Goleman et al (for leadership versatility and beefing up emotional intelligence)

Your Brain at Work by David Rock (for greater understanding on the neurobiology of leadership and how to optimize your prefrontal cortex)

The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi (for a samurai’s teaching on business strategy)

Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki (for developing empathy through the power of story)

Zen and The Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel (for timeless wisdom on mastering your mind)

F*ckery by Lori Eberly and Jon Sabol (for reducing the Denominator that divides your success)

Authors Dan Pink, Simon Sinek and fellow social worker, Brene Brown

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