Daniel Goleman popularized emotional intelligence in 1995. Our understanding of the neurobiology behind these critical skills has multiplied over the last decade. Forbes highlights the connection between neuroscience and leadership. Siegel & McCall write,

“With the cultivation of mindsight, leaders naturally consider longterm
as well as short-term outcomes, collaboration instead
of domination, and business practices that enhance profit,
people, and the planet. Imagine what might become possible
for all of us if we consistently applied mindsight and reflective,
compassionate, and integrative leadership to ourselves, our
relationships, our organizations, and our countries.”

THE SCIENCE OF LEADERSHIP is a highly distilled 2.5 hour course with immediately implementable skills for motivating, influencing others, and creating change. Available to train your team at your location.

Contact us here.

“Lori is an insightful, experienced executive coach. She offers objective advice in a positive and engaging manner. Her advice and style is grounded by years of experience working with top organizations and talent across the high tech industry, offering a unique and valuable perspective. I highly recommend her coaching to take your performance, or your team’s, to a higher level.”

–Ted Taylor, Systems Engineering at Cymer

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