The Science of Leadership, a workshop

Radius ECD has a fine-tuned approach for teaching leaders and teams the science behind motivating and influencing others. The Science of Leadership is a two-and-a-half-hour course to develop skills that you and your team can implement immediately.

The Science of Leadership course is based on the fundamentals of emotional intelligence, which Daniel Goleman popularized in 1995, and interpersonal neurobiology, coined by Dr. Daniel Siegel.

Our understanding of the neurobiology behind these critical skills has multiplied over the last decade. Forbes highlights the connection between neuroscience and leadership. An article by Siegel & McCall in NeuroLeadership Journal puts it this way:

“With the cultivation of mindsight, leaders naturally consider long-term as well as short-term outcomes, collaboration instead of domination, and business practices that enhance profit, people, and the planet. Imagine what might become possible for all of us if we consistently applied mindsight and reflective, compassionate, and integrative leadership to ourselves, our relationships, our organizations, and our countries.”


“I can’t think of anybody better suited to helping individuals actualize their potential, whether in leadership or in teamwork. I have benefited tremendously from Lori’s expertise and give her my highest recommendation.”

Heidi Allen, PhD, Assistant Professor at Columbia University School of Social Work