Catalyst: Awaken! 2016


It’s a new year. A fresh start. Time to recharge and set your goals in motion. Whether you want to stretch your professional development or nurture personal growth, Catalyst will move you forward.

Drift Creek is a retreat center in Oregon’s coastal range, southeast of Lincoln City. It’s a place to spark imagination and kindle creativity. Emerge rested and ready to tackle 2016.

If you’re passionate about your job or your life, we’ll fuel your focus. If you’re bored or stuck, we’ll provoke the next bold move. Sign up if you need a kick in the pants. Join us if you’re weary. Register if you like warm soup and kind people.

Catalyst: Awaken! 2016 is for those who seek understanding and crave accountability:

  • Are you leading or living with intention or just going through the motions?
  • Is your pace sustainable – or do you need to slow down or speed up to get what you want? 
  • Are your goals for 2016 clear, measurable, and time bound?

Executives & starving artists welcome. Grassroots organizers & entrepreneurs invited. Millennials and retirees, forty-somethings and hipsters all represented. Pack your curiosity and a sleeping bag & the rest is provided.


Participants said of the event:

“It was just what I need to be affirmed in my decisions in how to move forward.”

“I’m awake to my presumptions of difference, rather than the possibility of shared experience. So often I enter into new interactions assuming that there is a gulf of understanding, culture, or narrative between me and my new audience. In fact, we share so much more than meets the eye.”

“The experience of being “present” just by being there.”

“I awakened to some new potentials for curiosity and inquiry, some changes I want to make for myself. I felt rested and peaceful when I left.”